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[Environment Pack] The Backrooms - Level 0 "The Lobby"

Have you ever wondered, what it feels like to glitch out of reality and find yourself in the Backrooms? I give you a unique opportunity to build a maze so complicated, that those who glitched out will never find the end.

An Environment pack based on a famous creepypasta The Backrooms - Level 0 "The Lobby"
This pack is filled with modular walls, ledges, pillars, three types of ceilings, and a rug. Not to be missed electrical outlet, cables, door frames, and two kinds of emergency doors with handles. There are customizable materials to fit the needs.
I hope you will like it.

This pack is available on Unreal Engine Marketplace:

And it's stripped version on Gumroad:

An Unreal Engine 5 test with Ray tracing and Lumen.