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[Props Pack] Viking Feast

A Viking-themed props pack of food and some furniture like a Table or a Chair with carved details. Collection of plates, bowls, goblets, or Jugs with wine, water, or beer—two types of cutlery for meals or cutting meat and one special knife. Also, the pack contains a candle with particle flame.

I hope you will like it.

This pack is available on Unreal Engine Marketplace:

Models were rendered with a Lightmap Resolution of 64.

*Personal comment*
Firstly, it took me like five months. I studied many different ways to sculpt a table and a chair. I started creating this pack of food and other models, like cutlery, bowls, and decals, because why not. I had a lot of fun doing it. Maybe, it could be much faster, but my studies were more important than my hobby, sadly.